Generate more Clients from your website

Reap the benefits of a good website

Generate more Clients from your website

Reap the benefits of a good website

Build Trust & Attract New Clients

Imagine your website as a bridge, connecting you with clients who resonate deeply with your healing approach. But how do you ensure the message on your website truly resonates?

Here’s how we elevate your online presence with emotional connection and linguistics:

  • Uncover Your Unique Voice: We delve into your healing philosophy and translate it into compelling website copy that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your ideal clients. 
  • Evoke Powerful Emotions: We go beyond simply listing services. We craft stories and narratives that spark a sense of hope, understanding, and trust. 
  • The Power of Language: We understand the nuances of language and its impact on user behavior. We use words that resonate with your ideal client’s needs and desires. 
  • Visual Storytelling: We go beyond text with captivating imagery that evokes a sense of calm, connection, and transformation. 

The result? A website that doesn’t just inform, it inspires. It doesn’t just list services, it creates a connection. It attracts clients who are not just seeking information, but are ready to embark on a healing journey with you.

Ready to build a website that truly resonates with your ideal client? 

Meet Veronica Drake

Web site and landing pages

New Site Build

Is it time for a new website or a full revamp? We offer custom-designed sites for mental health professionals. Our approach goes beyond functionality, focusing on emotional connection and impactful storytelling to speak directly to your ideal client’s needs and anxieties and evoke a sense of hope, understanding, and trust.



Our VIP Day Intensive helps you craft a website plan that speaks directly to your ideal client’s needs, fostering trust and hope. On day one, we’ll collaborate on a plan to build a website that showcases your unique approach and attracts new clients. Then, I’ll send you a full report that you can take action on. Limited spots! You can secure your VIP Day and transform your online presence today.


Web Site Consulting

We help practitioners unlock the power of emotional connection and impactful storytelling. Get expert advice on crafting a website that speaks directly to your ideal client’s needs, fostering trust and attracting more clients. Schedule your consultation today and let’s build a website that heals.

“I would be lost without having Hillary on my team! I am not a tech person, and knowing I can reach out to her and give exactly what I need makes me feel comfortable that it will all get done. Hillary’s knowledge of WordPress and Kajabi lets me ask the ‘stupid questions’ and not look like an idiot when unsure something can be done. Hillary makes the project work in the timelines I need and has it running smoothly.”

 – Dan Rondeau


With Hillary’s experience in complex technical environments, she’ll get you set up with Kajabi in a SNAP. Her experience in communicating the tech-side in a way that folks can actually understand — and handle it so that they don’t need to — is what makes her an INVALUABLE asset to any spiritual coach looking for ease in business. 

– Amanda W.

Are you a heart-centered coach who is tired of dealing with technology? Hillary can help take you out of overwhelm and into peace and clarity. Let her handle Kajabi, and you can focus on your clients and coaching business.

– Julie Trombley

Bring your vision and we’ll do the rest.

Riversong: Where technology meets heart.

Meet Hillary, your Soul-Aligned Website Growth Architect

With 25 years of weaving together diverse experiences, Hillary brings a unique perspective to Riversong Web Design. From her early days as an entrepreneur crafting websites and art to her leadership roles in the tech industry and dedication to yoga and herbalism, Hillary understands the power of connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

More than just code, Hillary builds websites that resonate.

Her lifelong love of psychology and her certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming informs her approach. She believes marketing is about reframing emotions, and her websites translate your passion into a captivating online presence that attracts ideal clients.

Ready to share your heart’s work with the world?

Let Riversong Web Design craft a website that sings your story and connects with your soul tribe.

Get Found on the Wellness Map

SEO Makes Your Practice Visible

Imagine a map where potential clients can easily find the perfect wellness practitioner. Search engine optimization (SEO) is like putting your practice on that map, using clear directions and keywords to guide ideal clients searching for your services online. We help you craft a clear and targeted online presence, making it easy for your ideal clients to find the support they need

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

This can vary depending on project scope. We offer a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and budget.

I'm not sure if I need a whole new website, can you help?

Absolutely! We offer website audits and consultations to help you assess your current website and identify areas for improvement. You can start with the Website Wellness Assessment here or book a strategy call.

What is the timeline for building a website?

This depends on the complexity of the project, but we typically complete large websites within a month timeframe.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Yes, we offer a monthly website maintenance package at $67 to ensure your website stays up-to-date and secure. 

What is the process of working with Riversong Web Design?

We’ll walk you through each step, from initial consultation to launch and beyond! We believe in clear communication and collaboration throughout the process. Set up a strategy call and we can talk about your personalized process.

Do you design websites specific to my industry?

We have experience working with various heart-centered businesses, and we tailor each website to the client’s unique needs.

Examples include nurses, therapists, hypnotherapists, community non-profits, EFT practitioners, spiritual leaders, operations management, and more.

We love to work with people whose hearts are in the right place and who are making an impact on the world around them! 

What makes Riversong Web Design different?

We go beyond functionality. We focus on creating websites that are not only beautiful but also designed to attract and convert your ideal clients—websites that speak directly to their hearts.

Did you know you naturally attract approximately 25% of the your ideal client? They are the ones who speak like you. Hillary is a certified NLP Practitioner who can help you open up to a larger audience by using Neuro-Linguistic Programming to reach more people. 


How do you make sure my website connects with my ideal clients?

We use the power of words and emotions to craft websites that resonate with your target audience’s aspirations and needs.

Ready to Build a Website that Resonates?

Schedule your VIP Day to build a solid foundation and elevate your business.

Riversong Web Design is a branch of Harmony Virtual Solutions, a Kajabi Management boutique for small business owners, specifically therapists, holistic healers, and coaches.

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