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At Riversong Web Design, we blend the art of language with stunning visuals to create websites that not only look beautiful but also serve as powerful tools for engagement and trust-building. Our approach ensures that each website we craft is perfectly aligned with our clients’ visions and values, helping them to connect effectively with their target audience.

Hillary Sciscoe

Meet Hillary Sciscoe

My story unfolds at the crossroads of technology, wellness, and storytelling.

My entrepreneurial journey began with yoga and glasswork, where I designed captivating websites to market my passions. Exploring IT, I landed at a software startup and scaled their customer-facing teams¬† and worked with the product and UX teams for over a decade. This ignited my passion for understanding user journeys, a skill that’s central to my work today.

This vibrant tapestry informs my approach. I infuse a touch of magic into everything I create, whether it’s crafting captivating websites or designing beautiful handcrafted goods. As an avid reader of historical fantasy, I am drawn to the power of storytelling to create powerful brand narratives for my clients.

Today, I lead two endeavors. Harmony Virtual Solutions crafts intuitive client journeys for heart-centered brands. At Riversong Web Design, I craft websites that spark connection and deepen healing journeys.

Combining my love of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and my interest in human emotions, I design websites that look stunning and resonate deeply, reaching a wider audience and fostering deeper connections.

Beyond work, I find solace in the companionship of my family and feline friends and the quiet moments spent in meditation and spiritual creation. This dedication to personal growth fuels my creativity and allows me to bring a fresh perspective to every project.

Ready to experience the power of heart-centered marketing and craft a brand story that resonates? Let’s connect!

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Riversong Web Design is a branch of Harmony Virtual Solutions, a technical marketing boutique for small business owners, specifically therapists, holistic healers, and coaches.

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