6 Simple Steps to make an
IMPACT on your SEO

Are you open to learning a few new tips to make Google look at your site a little differently?

That’s what SEO is – showing Google that your website is healthy and cared about.

That it was created intentionally, with strategy.

The answer lies in my framework called IMPACTful SEO. This strategic approach goes beyond traditional keyword stuffing, focusing on creating a website that ranks well and resonates deeply with your target audience.

IMPACTful SEO image

While SEO is a long-term strategy, meaning it doesn’t happen overnight, it makes a big difference once it grabs hold, and with the right steps, it won’t take forever.

I called it IMPACTful because
– It will influence several very important areas of your SEO.
– It’s simple enough to understand that it will reshape how you think about SEO.
– It will affect your visibility so you can impact and help more people with your work.