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We create websites with the Divi theme, using our license. We support Divi and Elementor sites. This site is running on Divi and we believe it is the best for a beautiful design.

Website and Webpage Design

WordPress is the most customizable website builder and 70% of websites are created on WordPress. 

Why’s that?  Because you own it, just like building your email list, you own the ‘real estate’ your website is on. It offers the most flexibility and widest functionality options. 

Time for a redesign?

Is your website not working for you? It’s time to change that! 
Your website should be a lead-generation tool, ranking in the search results, and helping to fill your calendar. 
If that’s not happening, don’t fret! It’s time to invest and make impact your business so you can help more people. 

We can fully redesign an existing page or create a whole new page. 💜

Is it time for a new funnel?

A la carte with a cherry on top

Things come up. All work additional to the agreed scope of the project is charged hourly. 

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Keep your online presence running smoothly with weekly check-ins on your plugins, theme, and backups and continue to expand your brand’s virtual experience with new pages, updates, and plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is the builder on your WordPress site. It is responsible for the design of your website and controls the colors, fonts, and layout.  Everything you see when viewing the front-end of your site is shaped by the theme.

Divi and Elementor are WordPress themes.

Why do you prefer Divi?

Divi is versatile. It allows you to customize your design and takes away the ‘blocky’ look you see on many websites. 

Do I pay ahead of time?

Yes, after our free 1-hour strategy call we will complete payment and jump into our first call to dive deeper into your goals, challenges, and your audience and make 30-day plan to complete your website. 

Do you include upkeep for e-commerce integrations?

Maintenance packages do not include upkeep and updates for e-commerce, membership, or similar systems, plugins, and integrations.

Is fixing broken links included in your package fee?

No, we will run the report as a part of the package. It is your choice to take the list and fix it or give it to someone else. HVS will fix the broken links at our hourly rate per your contract. 

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Why Choose Riversong Web Design?

We understand the power of storytelling, just like you do. Having started with crafting websites for my own passions in yoga and glasswork, I honed the art of visual storytelling that now empowers coaches and authors like you to share their message with the world.

Ready to Amplify Your Voice & Impact?

Unlock Your Websites's Potential

Plant the Seeds for Growth

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Just like a seed needs fertile ground to flourish, your website needs search engine optimization (SEO) to be seen by your ideal clients. We use proven SEO strategies to ensure your website ranks high in search results for relevant keywords, making it easier for potential clients searching for what you offer.

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For inquiries, support, or to schedule a consultation, contact us at or reach out at us at (765) 630-7177.

Riversong Web Design is a branch of Harmony Virtual Solutions, a technical marketing boutique for small business owners, specifically therapists, holistic healers, and coaches.

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