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Congratulations! Your website is like a well-tuned orchestra playing a beautiful melody that attracts and engages your ideal clients.

It’s clear, informative, and effectively communicates your value proposition.

Maintaining a healthy website requires ongoing care, but you’re on the right track!

Let’s keep the momentum going!

To help you maintain your website’s wellness, here are some key focus points and actionable steps. 


1. Test and Refine CTAs

Even the strongest CTAs can benefit from A/B testing. Explore different wording, placements, and button designs to see what resonates best with your audience and drives the most conversions.

Action Step:  If you’ve not been using A/B testing, it’s time to try it out. Buttons are a great way to get started. You can test various ways to say the same thing or test different perspectives, like “Click here to Register” vs. “I’m ready to start.”


2. Expand Content Strategy

Consider offering additional content formats to keep visitors engaged and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche. Explore possibilities like podcasts, webinars, or blog posts on relevant topics for therapists.

Action Step: Guest blogging, visiting a podcast, or doing a summit is a great way to get in front of new people and test out new things. The journey is also engaging when you document it in your own content. 


3. Personalize the Experience

Utilize website analytics to understand visitor behavior. Use this information to personalize your website content and offers to cater to their specific needs and interests.

Action Step: Do you know how people get to your site? Do you know what search terms highlight your site? If not, it’s time to login to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Business Profile.

Real Life Examples

emotional support site

Let’s look at the website for the Institute for Emotional Healing.

Right away, we can see that they offer counseling and personal growth. Unfortunately, there are no specific topics or solutions noted.

While there are navigation links at the top, they are not calling to us to take action. There is very little contrast and I must scroll to understand more about the work they do.

It would be great to see a strong CTA button along with text speaking to something specific they help their clients with.


divorce coach site image

On Karen’s website, I am immediately putting a name to her face – and making eye contact. 

We know exactly who she helps and how she helps them without the need to scroll. Her text is minimal and direct. 

And I love that she is offering immediate steps to take, and  bonus!  – it’s something we can learn from. There are images, and they compliment the text, not distract from it. 

No, I don’t know Karen at all. 🙂


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