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Your website is a powerhouse!

It’s like a full symphony orchestra, flawlessly performing a masterpiece that captivates your ideal clients and drives results. Congratulations!

You’ve created a website that truly sings!

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Now that you’ve established a thriving website, let’s explore some strategies to ensure it continues to flourish.


1. Stay on Top of SEO Trends

Search engine optimization is ongoing. Stay informed about the latest trends and best practices to ensure your website maintains a strong search ranking.

Action Step:  Load times can affect your SEO – a great place to check in on is your image sizes. If. you don’t have your images sized exactly how you need them, it’s great to make sure your website optimizes them for you! 


2. Refine Buyer Personas

Regularly revisit your ideal client profiles. Conduct market research or surveys to gain deeper insights into their needs and preferences. This helps you tailor your website content and messaging to resonate even more effectively.

Action Step: Just as you grow and evolve, so does how you work and what your clients need. It’s great to have conversations with current and past clients to see how things are going. 


3. Embrace New Technologies

The digital landscape is constantly evolving. Explore new tools and technologies to enhance user experience and streamline processes for you and your clients. Consider chatbots for initial inquiries or portals for your clients. 

Action Step: If you use something like Simple Practice or Dubsado, you could have a portal already. This gives your clients more reason to go to your site and it can cut down on your work behind the scenes.

Real Life Examples

emotional support site

Let’s look at the website for the Institute for Emotional Healing.

Right away, we can see that they offer counseling and personal growth. Unfortunately, there are no specific topics or solutions noted.

While there are navigation links at the top, they are not calling to us to take action. There is very little contrast and I must scroll to understand more about the work they do.

It would be great to see a strong CTA button along with text speaking to something specific they help their clients with.


divorce coach site image

On Karen’s website, I am immediately putting a name to her face – and making eye contact. 

We know exactly who she helps and how she helps them without the need to scroll. Her text is minimal and direct. 

And I love that she is offering immediate steps to take, and  bonus!  – it’s something we can learn from. There are images, and they compliment the text, not distract from it. 

No, I don’t know Karen at all. 🙂


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